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The Gedheg Dripper Apparently is Called as Cur

Previously I wrote about gedheg dripper, a coffee dripper made by bamboo webbing. The photo of this dripper was shared by several Instagram accounts like @manual_brewing. There was no information about the price or how the creator used it.

Now, I got some new information from another Instagram accounts. It seems one Instagram account uses this dripper regularly. The account, @kopiapik uploaded several photos of this dripper. It's called Cur. I don't know why the name was chosen as its dripper name. But I assume “cur” has anything to do with how Indonesians call the sound of water dripping. I mean when water is dripping from various objects, the dripping voice in Indonesia is called “cur”. Does it make sense?

KopiApik posted a photo on its account that explained the idea of this dripper. “Before the conical coffee dripper was made by Japanese in 1950s, our ancestors (Indonesian ancestors) had already made their first coffee dripper. But Java (maybe it talks about what is known…