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Will Gedheg Dripper Become Indonesian's Unique Coffee Dripper?

This morning when I was scrolling my Instagram feed, I found something interesting. One of Instagram accounts I followed, @manual_brewing regrammmed an interesting photo. It was regrammed from an account The photo was about a homemade coffee dripper called gedheg dripper. The caption was written, “Gedheg dripper. Inspired by v60 dripper, with local wisdom material: bamboo webbing.”

Yes, the dripper was made from bamboo webbing and it looks like v60 dripper for most coffee lovers. Sadly, there was no information whether this dripper will be sold. Nor there was no information about the brewing results using this manual tool. From the photo, we can conclude that it used paper filter as well. From the comments on both accounts, some Instagram users expressed their intentions to buy and had this dripper. But sadly, both accounts couldn't give more explanation. Of course we cannot blame both of them, my attempt to find more information from Google couldn't give satis…

Who Is The Creator of Indomie Taste?

Most Indonesians have Indomie as their favorite instant noodles for generations. Indomie itself comes with various tastes, from Indomie Goreng to soup beef. Well, most Indomie taste is based on Indonesian traditional foods. Of course, Indofood as the company behinds Indomie needs some processes to create tastes that similar with the foods for their instant noodles. Research and development division of course is responsible for this process. But do you know who is in charge of the division? It's Nunuk Nuraini.

She has responsibilities to create ingredients and tastes for Indomie. She graduated from Padjajaran University, Bandung, Indonesia. She was learning food technology in the university and likes to cook. Thanks to her education background and her hobby, Nunuk Nuraini can create various delicious taste for Indomie, which has been exported to various countries in the world.

“The ingredients should be processed with the oil. The onions, garlic, chilies and sometimes coconut milk …