Who Is The Creator of Indomie Taste?

Most Indonesians have Indomie as their favorite instant noodles for generations. Indomie itself comes with various tastes, from Indomie Goreng to soup beef. Well, most Indomie taste is based on Indonesian traditional foods. Of course, Indofood as the company behinds Indomie needs some processes to create tastes that similar with the foods for their instant noodles. Research and development division of course is responsible for this process. But do you know who is in charge of the division? It's Nunuk Nuraini.

She has responsibilities to create ingredients and tastes for Indomie. She graduated from Padjajaran University, Bandung, Indonesia. She was learning food technology in the university and likes to cook. Thanks to her education background and her hobby, Nunuk Nuraini can create various delicious taste for Indomie, which has been exported to various countries in the world.

“The ingredients should be processed with the oil. The onions, garlic, chilies and sometimes coconut milk to get the taste that we want. Initially, we make it on small scale first, then later mass produce it,” she said as quoted from Kapanlagi.com.
Nunuk Nuraini (Kapanlagi)

Nunuk Nuraini rarely appeared on the public. But the mother of one girl attended Indomie's new product launching on March, 30th 2017. Apparently she only focuses on the ingredients and tastes. She doesn't choose the noodles or preservation methods. There are another division that are responsible for those things.


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