Indomie Vintage Limited Edition Review

This year Indomie will celebrate its 45th anniversary. To celebrate it, Indofood is selling Indomie vintage limited edition. It was first sold on Jakarta Fair (Pekan Raya Jakarta). Corporate Marketing Indofood, Fierman said to Kompas Travel during Jakarta Fair in July 2017, that they sold hundreds of Indomie vintage limited edition.

Indofood sold two versions of Indomie Vintage limited edition. First version has a huge package, sold for Rp 30.000 ($3). This version has 10 packages of instant noodles inside a big goody bag. The second version is the mini version contains 6 packages.

There are three flavors with classic designed packages: Chicken broth flavor (marketed in 1972), chicken curry flavor (marketed in 1982) and Mie Goreng (fried noodle) (marketed in 1982).

Indomie Vintage Edition goody bag

The instant noodles in the goody bag.

I bought the mini version on Indomaret, one of local convenient store chains here for Rp 16.900 (around $2). Apparently this vintage edition now is sold online as well. A friend of mine said she bought it on Alfamart, the competitor of Indomaret. There were only 5 packages from the goody bag I bought. I didn't know why.

I showed it to my mother and older sister because maybe they remember about these classic packages. Well, they told me that the first instant noodle they knew and ate was not Indomie. It was Sarimie, another famous instant noodle here. After then, they consumed Supermie. Indomie came later. They said that Indomie was as famous as it is now. Of course I cannot confirm this information. We live in a small city, there was possibility that Indomie didn't reach our city in 1980s.

The vintage design of Indomie Mie Goreng in 1982.

the back side

The seasonings (seasoning powder, chili powder, sweet soy sauce and vegetable oil)

I had tried Indomie Goreng and Chicken Broth. Both have the same taste like the modern version. But, there are some differences beside the packages. If you buy the recent Indomie Goreng, you'll find seasoning packages inside. They are consisted from sweet soy sauce, seasoning powder, chili sauce, vegetable oil and fried onions. But on the Indomie Goreng vintage version, there are only four seasoning packages: seasoning powder, chili powder, soy sauce and vegetable oil. There is no chili sauce. But the taste was the same. While the broth chicken flavor only has two seasoning packages: chili powder and seasoning powder. If you buy the recent Indomie Chicken Broth flavor, there are three seasoning packages: chili powder, seasoning powder and vegetable oil. The taste of the vintage edition was not as good as the recent one.
The back of Indomie Chicken broth and its seasoning packages

I don't know the reason that there are differences on the seasoning packages. The possible reason maybe that was how they were sold before. I think it makes sense if there are some improvements on seasoning during these years.


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